the vault

Built to safeguard more than documents.

speedy, simple, and secure

Vaultside's archival technology is designed not only to preserve historical records for posterity, but to protect time and budget as well. We're reducing the physical heft and logistical hassle typically associated with record access — so you can work smarter, not just harder.

Why our vault

High Speed

No more flipping through endless pages — get to the public records you need quickly and efficiently.

High Resolution

Designed specifically to handle large documents that preserve details with unmatched fidelity, crispness, and accuracy.

High Volume

Whether it's a single sheet or thousands of pages, the Vault delivers on your requests over and over.

On-The-Go Access

Flexible subscription plans enable you to access any vault in our system from anywhere else.

Intuitive Interface

Made for real people who know what they're looking for and desire fewer obstacles along way.

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Vault Faq's

Can I search for a document using grantor, grantee, legal description, etc.?
Why is this system priced higher than others of its kind?
Do you update the land records in the Document Vault?
What happens if I can't locate a document?
Who owns the land records in the Document Vault?
Will you host piecemeal/incomplete sets of land records?
Do you accept document images that aren’t archive quality (300 DPI)?
How do you keep the records updated?

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