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Big Horn Imaging has become Vaultside. We've rebranded to connect better with our customers and courthouses while maintaining the value you've come to expect from Big Horn Imaging's services.

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Developed for courthouse record users, Vaultside provides high-speed, high-resolution, high-volume access to digitized real property records.

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Yesterday's Documents, Tomorrow's Technology

Access Public Records anywhere, anytime.

Whether you are a clerk who oversees real property records, or an examiner looking to access them, Vaultside’s land record platform is the perfect solution for you! Vaultside works alongside major document services like Document Pro to bring the familiar vault experience into the twenty-first century - making it easier than ever to archive, search, examine and download thousands of land records, quickly and conveniently.

For Courthouses

When you store your digital records with Vaultside, you're placing them in capable hands. Vaultside inspects your records for accuracy and completeness, and ensures they're kept up to date.

We offer the highest-quality experience for digital access and upkeep — freeing you to focus on what really matters.

And that's just the beginning.

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"If you want a great site, you’ve got to test. After you’ve worked on a site for even a few weeks, you can’t see it freshly anymore. You know too much. The only way to find out if it really works is to test it."

Jane Doe
Sheridan County Clerks Office

"If you want a great site, you’ve got to test. After you’ve worked on a site for even a few weeks, you can’t see it freshly anymore. You know too much. The only way to find out if it really works is to test it."

Jane Doe, Sheridan County Clerks Office

For Document Examiners

Our platform reduces the time and travel necessary to find the specific records you need, enabling you to accomplish tasks with greater speed and lower costs.

As previous examiners ourselves, the Vaultside team understands the need for a simplified digital access experience. We've prioritized efficiency and ease, whether it's your first time diving in or you've been down this road before.

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“After decades working throughout the Rockies, there is finally an online service that is cost effective, reliable and fast. Vaultside is the current go-to online database that allows a Landman access to “Patent to Present” scanned documents from various counties here in the Powder River Basin. When you first login, you can tell this was created by a Landman for Landmen just by the method of retrieval. I’ll bet it is three times faster than any other online service.

H.P. Gorham, CPL
President, Grizzly NRG, LLC

"In my experience, I have found that land document review sites are specific to either book and page or reception number, which can cause difficulties as the images are not always located under that search criteria. With Vaultside, I am able to review the prior and next documents of record without having to go back and input book/page numbers. This has allowed us to locate many additional documents that aren’t always indexed against the lands in the county registers. Overall I find this system very user friendly and convenient."

Crockett F. Butler
Contex Energy Company LLC

"Vaultside has allowed us to overcome the restraints of time when it comes to courthouse hours of operations, nights and weekends, and simply the inability to be in a location to conduct our research. The organization of the materials is very methodical and research can be done very effectively and efficiently. Vaultside's price structure is economical for our clients and the productivity that we gain when using this resource is easily justifiable in the scope of project budgets."

Ivan C. Stalick
Landman, Masters of Resource Law

"Vaultside has been an excellent resource and allowed us to improve our efficiency in the field greatly.  Their services have been reliable, easily accessible and economical."

Mick Kaiser
NorthStar Energy